You Must Maintain Your Inverter AC Periodically

The maintenance of an inverter AC that is not to be missed is the routine AC service to a professional AC repair company. You can also wash the air conditioner at least once every 3 months, then you must look at the filter, evaporator or fan. The AC might be filled with dust. The more dust that clings in it, the more power is needed to cool the room. That’s why if it needs serious maintenance, we suggest you call a trustworthy HVAC company near your area.

You must refrain from using speed 1 because the AC fan is filled with dust, making its performance slump so that you tend to press the acceleration button to the number 2. It’s the same as the indoor unit, the outdoor part like the compressor will often break because the system in the outdoor unit is already filled with dust and dirt.

This is what causes the waste of electricity. Air conditioners who are often exposed to cigarette smoke must also be washed at least once every 2 months. If your house is near the beach, wash the air conditioner with drinking water instead of tap water so as not to cause rusty components.

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