This Is How To Save Electricity When You Use An AC

Air circulation in an air-conditioned room will affect the power of the air conditioner. If the air conditioner turns on in an open room, it will make the temperature sensor unstable and tend to continue to expend more energy. This also results in the temperature in the room not getting cold quickly because of the wasted air circulation to another room so that the performance of the air conditioner is inefficient. This can make you spend more money on your HVAC costs.

In addition, some types of air conditioners have a minimum temperature in the range of 16º celcius. Setting the temperature at a minimum temperature is not recommended for a long time. It’s because, at a minimum temperature setting, the compressor on the air conditioner will work continuously without stopping, and it’s resulting in a more expensive power bill. Not only are the electricity bills getting swollen, but the age of the air conditioners will also be reduced because of the maximum compressor workload without stopping. The recommended temperature when using an AC is 24-27ºC. At this temperature, the compressor will stop working if the temperature has been reached.