You Must Consider An Inverter AC’s PK Before You Buy It

Although the inverter air conditioner has the ability to save electricity, there are still many people who are wrong in using it. So that not a few of those who think that all types of air conditioners are the same, and they cannot make electricity usage becomes more efficient. You need a trick to make an AC inverter not wasteful and durable, and one of them is to consider your AC’s PK. It’s necessary if you want to reduce the cost of your HVAC.

Did you know the need for PK in AC is in accordance with the size of the room? Actually this is a classic problem when using an AC. So you can calculate the need for AC in the room. For example, if your room has an area of 4 × 5 meters then you must use 1.5 PK if the room is 4 × 6 then 2 PK, and if the room is 4 × 4 or smaller, then 1 PK. If at home the electricity uses 450 watts, and you use a water pump, refrigerator, tv, etc, then the need for a 4 × 5 m room with 1.5 PK AC inverter is enough for Btu AC.