This Is How To Maintain Your Inverter AC’s Durability

In order to keep the inverter AC power-saving feature, if you accidentally press the off button, try not to turn on the AC immediately. Let the compressor oil and Freon return to the compressor first or rest the air conditioner for about 1 minute before turning it on again. This will help make the compressor more durable and it’s the way to effectively extend the life of the AC compressor. This is necessary if you want to lower the budget for your HVAC systems.

In addition, when setting the AC temperature to 16 degrees, try not to use a maximum fan speed. This is the biggest mistake when using an inverter AC. So make it a habit to set the temperature to 24 and speed of 1 or 2 only. Btu AC must be adjusted to the needs of the room. The way an inverter AC works is different from conventional AC where the compressor will not die so that only the power will be added or subtracted. An inverter compressor works steadily and it is more stable is like using a car with burning fuel and then going through the toll road, even though it keeps going, the fuel lasts longer. Unlike when a vehicle is on a traffic jam, the fuel can quickly run out. So, adjust the room temperature with the remote speed slowly and avoid the maximum fan speed.