Should You Hire Someone to Clean Your AC?

Do you think it’s time to clean your home’s air conditioning system already? If so, then you must be trying to learn how to go about the cleaning process. For many people, they would go the DIY way and probably look for guides and instructions and available online. But should you hire someone to clean your AC? Or should you attempt to do it on your own?

Truth be told, basic cleaning of the AC such as cleaning out the AC filter is pretty easy and can be done even without professional help. However, there are also AC cleaning procedures that require knowledge, expertise, and some special equipment as well. Now since you will most likely be able to find step by step cleaning guides online or even on your AC’s manual if you have managed to keep it over the years, you might be tempted to just do it on your own to save a few dollars for cleaning services.

Here’s an important factor to consider. You must first try to check the warranty terms and conditions of your AC. Sometimes, some brands require professional or licensed AC contractors to do the AC maintenance and cleaning for you. Going the DIY might otherwise void the warranty of your AC. And that could mean even more expensive repairs in the future when your AC becomes faulty.

Furthermore, while everything about AC maintenance seems pretty simple, actually cleaning your AC on your own and putting those steps into action might be a little bit challenging. Sure, the AC filter cleaning part might be easy, but the other things you must clean and inspect to ensure that they are working properly such as coils and condensers, fins, and so on, requires expertise and knowledge – things that can’t easily be learned after spending a few minutes reading about them online.

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