How to Tell If Your Furnace Flue Needs Repairing

A damaged furnace flue can reduce the efficiency of the HVAC systems of your home. Getting it checked and repaired timely can save you money from replacing the flue. How to tell if the furnace flue needs fixing? What to do if the furnace is damaged? This article will guide and help you understand the furnace flue.

A simple visual examination won’t tell if the furnace flue is damaged. You will have to climb to the roofline and look for rust and leaks, the apparent signs of damage. Detecting the damage signs is not as easy as the exhaust stack extends to the roofline. It is not advisable to climb on the roof, for it poses a high risk to the person’s safety.

Annual cleaning and inspection by professional contractors is an inexpensive way to detect damage and to get the furnace flue repaired. The expert can alert you of the problems with the furnace flue for you to take timely action.

Corrosion is one of the types of damage that furnace flue can be a subject of. Flues can also be impacted by a bird’s nest, debris, and weather.

Instead of climbing on the roof, you can test the flue by:

  • Removing the flue cap to check for blockages like debris or birds’ nests.
  • Replacing and securing the cap tightly to the end of the flue pipe. This cap prevents birds, debris, and other items from moving into the flue, blocking it.
  • Water streaks of rust on the flue pipe may indicate a blockage, causing moisture to back up. Soot near the furnace is yet another sign of a flue blockage.

Knowing and finding these signs can help schedule repairing of the furnace flue. Also, it is advisable to have the furnace flue examined by professionals if you are planning to move to a new house or sell an old one.

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