This Is What You Must Know About The Inverter AC

Have you heard the term inverter AC when listening to advertisements on television? Lately, inverter technology has become a new technology compared to ordinary AC. An inverter AC itself is a technology that is claimed to be the most recent. This type of air conditioner is used to control the speed of the compressor motor so that the flow in the variable refrigerant can regulate the temperature in the room. It’s not only equipped with inverter technology, but this type of AC is also equipped with variable-frequency which can adjust the monitor speed control so that it can save the electricity usage of your HVAC system.

Some advantages of this air conditioner are certainly saving electricity and lowering its bills. Inverter technology embedded in the device helps only 30 percent less power consumption than ordinary AC. Different technology systems from ordinary AC make an inverter AC superior. It did not take long to make the room cool and the temperature easily maintained after being controlled. The ability of air conditioners that can adjust the temperature is also inseparable from the use of Freon, where inverter ACs are far more friendly to ozone and free of noise. It’s a lot better than ordinary air conditioners that are noisy and sometimes Freon often leaks so that ordinary ACs require the handling of an ac service expert often.

Can an inverter AC have any disadvantages? Although the inverter AC has more advantages than ordinary AC, the drawback of this type of AC is the price, and it is expensive. However, the price is according to its ability to save electricity. When the room temperature has reached the target, the compressor will continue to operate. In contrast to ordinary air conditioners where the compressor will stop when the room temperature has reached the desired target. The inverter AC uses a special pipe so that the flowing oil and Freon does not return to the compressor, and the use of an inverter AC is not recommended for open space because it can damage its main component.

However, if you decide to buy such a high-quality air conditioner, you must find the right store that sells it to you at a fair price. You must also do a little bit of research to find the brand that suits you. Furthermore, each brand usually has multiple types of ACs, so you need to choose the one that suits your own necessities.

That’s it for the info regarding the inverter AC in this article, we hope it helps you to learn more about this amazing technology.

You Must Consider An Inverter AC’s PK Before You Buy It

Although the inverter air conditioner has the ability to save electricity, there are still many people who are wrong in using it. So that not a few of those who think that all types of air conditioners are the same, and they cannot make electricity usage becomes more efficient. You need a trick to make an AC inverter not wasteful and durable, and one of them is to consider your AC’s PK. It’s necessary if you want to reduce the cost of your HVAC.

Did you know the need for PK in AC is in accordance with the size of the room? Actually this is a classic problem when using an AC. So you can calculate the need for AC in the room. For example, if your room has an area of 4 × 5 meters then you must use 1.5 PK if the room is 4 × 6 then 2 PK, and if the room is 4 × 4 or smaller, then 1 PK. If at home the electricity uses 450 watts, and you use a water pump, refrigerator, tv, etc, then the need for a 4 × 5 m room with 1.5 PK AC inverter is enough for Btu AC.

This Is How To Maintain Your Inverter AC’s Durability

In order to keep the inverter AC power-saving feature, if you accidentally press the off button, try not to turn on the AC immediately. Let the compressor oil and Freon return to the compressor first or rest the air conditioner for about 1 minute before turning it on again. This will help make the compressor more durable and it’s the way to effectively extend the life of the AC compressor. This is necessary if you want to lower the budget for your HVAC systems.

In addition, when setting the AC temperature to 16 degrees, try not to use a maximum fan speed. This is the biggest mistake when using an inverter AC. So make it a habit to set the temperature to 24 and speed of 1 or 2 only. Btu AC must be adjusted to the needs of the room. The way an inverter AC works is different from conventional AC where the compressor will not die so that only the power will be added or subtracted. An inverter compressor works steadily and it is more stable is like using a car with burning fuel and then going through the toll road, even though it keeps going, the fuel lasts longer. Unlike when a vehicle is on a traffic jam, the fuel can quickly run out. So, adjust the room temperature with the remote speed slowly and avoid the maximum fan speed.

You Must Maintain Your Inverter AC Periodically

The maintenance of an inverter AC that is not to be missed is the routine AC service to a professional AC repair company. You can also wash the air conditioner at least once every 3 months, then you must look at the filter, evaporator or fan. The AC might be filled with dust. The more dust that clings in it, the more power is needed to cool the room. That’s why if it needs serious maintenance, we suggest you call a trustworthy HVAC company near your area.

You must refrain from using speed 1 because the AC fan is filled with dust, making its performance slump so that you tend to press the acceleration button to the number 2. It’s the same as the indoor unit, the outdoor part like the compressor will often break because the system in the outdoor unit is already filled with dust and dirt.

This is what causes the waste of electricity. Air conditioners who are often exposed to cigarette smoke must also be washed at least once every 2 months. If your house is near the beach, wash the air conditioner with drinking water instead of tap water so as not to cause rusty components.

This Is How To Save Electricity When You Use An AC

Air circulation in an air-conditioned room will affect the power of the air conditioner. If the air conditioner turns on in an open room, it will make the temperature sensor unstable and tend to continue to expend more energy. This also results in the temperature in the room not getting cold quickly because of the wasted air circulation to another room so that the performance of the air conditioner is inefficient. This can make you spend more money on your HVAC costs.

In addition, some types of air conditioners have a minimum temperature in the range of 16º celcius. Setting the temperature at a minimum temperature is not recommended for a long time. It’s because, at a minimum temperature setting, the compressor on the air conditioner will work continuously without stopping, and it’s resulting in a more expensive power bill. Not only are the electricity bills getting swollen, but the age of the air conditioners will also be reduced because of the maximum compressor workload without stopping. The recommended temperature when using an AC is 24-27ºC. At this temperature, the compressor will stop working if the temperature has been reached.